California’s New Bill SB 712: A Boon for E-Bike Owners in Residential Tenancies

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Overview of SB 712

California has recently introduced a significant bill, SB 712, aimed at enhancing the rights of tenants who own personal micromobility devices, such as electric bikes (e-bikes) and e-scooters. This bill brings a notable shift in residential tenancy laws, impacting how tenants can store these devices in their homes.

Key Features of the Bill

1. Right to Own and Store Micromobility Devices:
• Tenants are allowed to own personal micromobility devices.
• They can store up to one device per occupant in their dwelling unit, under specific conditions.
2. Definition of Personal Micromobility Device:
• The bill defines these as devices powered by physical exertion or an electric motor, designed for individual transport or for an adult with up to three minors.
3. Conditions for Storage:
• Devices powered by electric motors must comply with certain safety standards: UL 2849 for e-bikes and UL 2272 for e-scooters, or their European counterparts, to be stored inside a dwelling.
• Tenants are required to insure these devices if stored within their unit.
• Landlords can prohibit charging of devices inside the unit if they don’t meet specified safety standards.
4. Provisions for Secure, Long-Term Storage:
• The bill mandates that storage locations provided by landlords should have restricted access, protection against precipitation, electrical connections, and be free of charge for tenants.
5. Exceptions and Limitations:
• Landlords are allowed to prohibit repair or maintenance of these devices within the dwelling unit.
• They can also require compliance with applicable fire codes for storage.
• The bill does not necessitate landlords to modify rental units for storage purposes.
6. Implications for Disabled Persons:
• SB 712 respects the rights of disabled persons, not limiting their access to necessary mobility devices.

Implications for E-Bike and E-Scooter Owners

For e-bike and e-scooter owners living in rented properties, this bill is a game-changer. It ensures the right to own and securely store their devices, promoting the use of environmentally friendly transportation. By setting safety and insurance requirements, it also aims to maintain a balance between tenant rights and property safety.


SB 712 in California marks a progressive step towards accommodating the growing popularity of e-bikes and e-scooters in urban environments. It addresses the storage challenges faced by tenants and sets a precedent for other states to follow, potentially influencing broader acceptance and usage of personal micromobility devices. As e-bikes and e-scooters become more common, this kind of legislation could play a crucial role in shaping urban mobility and residential tenancy laws.

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