Shred the Commuting Grind: Gearing Up Your Tern GSD for Work

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The Tern GSD isn't just for school runs - it's a workday warrior! Ditch the traffic and conquer your commute with this e-cargo powerhouse, but with the right gear, you'll go from "getting by" to "gleefully gliding." So, let's equip your GSD for productivity and panache!

Note: if you're also dropping the kids off before work, check out our school commute guide

Cargo Champions:

Safety First (and Last):

Commuting Comfort:

Check out guides on locks and non-lock safety to keep your bike safe while you're at the office.

Bonus Gear for Extra Mileage:

Remember: This is your personalized GSD arsenal! Adapt it to your needs and style. With the right setup, your commute will be a breeze, leaving you energized and ready to tackle the workday. Go forth and conquer, fellow GSD rider!

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